Our Core Values

Our Vision

To deliver world class education while raising leaders with the fear of the Lord and the spirit of excellence.

Our Mission

Raising excellent godly leaders with a healthy self esteem who would make positive global impact.

Our Ethos

F - Fear of the Lord
I -  Integrity
L - Leadership
E - Excellence

Our Name

R - Royal
O - Outstanding
L - Leader
E - Excellent
X - Xenial
Plus- We offer future ready and relevant programmes.

Three things to love about us

Rolex Plus School

Unique CBN Curriculum

Rolex plus CBN (Christian British Nigerian) curriculum is our unique specially crafted curriculum that sees to the all round development of our children. Children grasp learning through a carefully structured individualized approach laced with SEL(Social and Emotional Learning), Etiquette & Poise. 
This brings out the best in your child. 

Rolex Plus School

Integrated Technology -based Learning

Technology is key in all we do. We are big on inculcating tech skills in our children from a young age in our various teaching and learning sessions as well as our day to day activities. Our children display strong computing skills on a practical level preparing them for the world taken over by technology.

Rolex Plus School

Co-curricular and Extra curricular Activities

We strongly believe that beyond academics, every child at Rolex Plus School should acquire relevant skills that would make them self reliant and future ready. These include STEM(Coding & Robotics), Entrepreneurship, Chess, Taekwondo, Music, Ballet, Art & Craft, Life Savers, Culinary and more.

Education at its best at Rolex Plus School

Using hands on and fun learning approach including Project Based Learning, our learners enjoy a rich and rewarding learning experience relevant in the 21st Century and beyond thereby preparing learners to excel and be globally relevant.

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Entry Requirements

Every child is assessed independently to determine their eligibility for admission into our class grades. 

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......where godly leaders are raised with the spirit of excellence.

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